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Tattoo Removal

Consultation is the first step in the tattoo removal process. Its size, shape, color, location and type (whether the tattoo was done by a professional or an amateur) are all variables that affect the length of the treatment. In some cases it may be necessary to test a small area of a tattoo in order to establish the efficacy of the treatment. Treatment sessions may last up to 20 minutes and would normally be spaced at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Usually the pain is minimal after using a topical anesthetic.

Immediately following treatment the treated area will whiten and then quickly redden (in a few cases slight bleeding may occur). This is an indication that the laser has successfully fragmented the target pigment and activated normal skin repair mechanisms.

Following a period of 4-6 weeks the treated area will be completely healed and it should be apparent that the density of the tattoo has reduced. Treatment can then continue as required. When treatment is complete a period of up to six months may be required for complete regeneration of skin coloring and texture.