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Skin Tag & Moles Removal

Skin tags, or fibrous polyps, are small pouches of normal skin that protrude from the skin surface on a narrow stalk. They are usually soft and tend to be flesh colored or slightly pigmented. Occurring singly or in multiples, the most common locations are around the neck, within the armpits or groin area, under the breasts or other truncal areas, and on the eyelids or cheeks. They may be mistaken for moles, warts, or other benign skin growths.

Skin tags may enlarge, and may become irritated by clothing or by daily activities. They can become inflamed or infected, with substantial swelling, pain, and surrounding redness. They may also be cosmetically unacceptable.

The doctors at Cosmoderm Clinics are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions. It is important to establish a correct diagnosis because skin tags, moles, warts or other lesions may require different treatment(s).

Clinically benign skin tags can be removed in the clinic, with the removal technique determined by the size, number, location and potential for scarring or dyspigmentation (change in color after wound healing).