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Body Tightening

Smartlipo: Removes fat and tighten up your skin

Do you want to look and feel better about yourself? If so, then Smart-Lipo Laser assisted lipolysis may be for you. Laser assisted lipolysis is a great way to treat localized deposits of unwanted fat, fat tissue irregularities and for coagulating tissue leading to a tightening effect. It works great for treating small areas of the face, neck, arms, male breasts, and other areas of loose or flabby skin.

This minimally invasive surgical procedure disrupts the fat cells through a thermal and photo disruptive action ? heating and shattering the fat cell membrane. The laser coagulates the underlying vessels, which basically means less bleeding, bruising, trauma as well as less down time. As an added bonus, the system has also been reported to promote tissue tightening through bulk thermal heating and tissue coagulation. In addition, Titan laser for can be used for skin tightening resulting in the best results ever