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Beauty-Tek Rejuvenation

Looking for a fresher tighter and healthier look? Beautytek is a revolutionary, highly effective therapeutic system designed for esthetic medicine and beauty institutes. In combining artificial intelligence and contemporary computer technology with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine excellent and long lasting therapy results are pre programmed by this novel method.

In contrast to conventional instruments Beautytek analyses the body area to be treated and diagnoses the physiological conditions and requirements before starting the treatment. Employing bio-cybernetic principles the self-repair mechanisms of the human body are stimulated leading to stunning therapeutic results. All relevant parameters are automatically adjusted by the instrument avoiding operator judgment error and have the client receive a over- or under-dosage.

The treatment is entirely non-invasive and painless, even pleasant and relaxing for the client. The system consists of a sensor module linked to a computer operated under MS Windows. The intuitive software guides the therapist through each treatment sequence step by step. A variety of hand-held probes are available, suitable for different applications and body areas.