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February 15, 2015
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March 1, 2015

The Silicon Alternative


The case of adulterated silicon -That has already been discussed by ‘Sayidaty’ magazine, especially in regards to the Saudi women who had undergone silicone implants -has raised a huge noise and panic in a large number of countries. The first of them was France where a 53 years old woman died after she have planted silicon in her breast which causes her a rare type of lymphatic Tumor in her breasts what made French Health Minister, Bernard Khafeer quick to announce that the obvious risks relating to transplantation surgeries are ruptures in the gelatinous substance, and provoke the body's tissues, which may lead to inflammation that makes its removal difficult. So, many women panicked -especially as the French company manufacturer Silicon distributes in 65 countries around the world - and they started looking for an alternative solution that keep away all concerns that would destroy the peace of mind of any woman thinking in the search for beauty. 'Saydati' contribute in finding an alternative for those materials, and discussed with plastic surgery consultant, Dr.Ibrahim Ashary, in Cosmoderm Clinics, for a new technology, which is using stem cells.

Fat injection is considered as one of the simple and safe cosmetic procedures, which often give a direct and satisfactory result for the patient. These operations are performed when the patient suffers from excessive thinness in some areas of the body, especially areas of the face such as the cheeks and lips, or to fill facial wrinkles, or for some birth defects patients who suffer from atrophy or tissue inconsistency or facial bones, or using fat injections to enlarge some members of the body such as the breast or buttocks instead of using silicon compensatory material.
The recent scientific researches has proved that the fatty tissues contains a large proportion of stem cells, which grow and are formed in a certain and specific way, which makes liposuction surgeries permanent surgeries that do not need re-injection thereafter; unlike using alternative materials that needs to re-injection every six months at least. And the processes is done through suction proper amount of fat from the patient’s body, often from the abdomen and buttocks, then processing it in a certain way for purification it from sediment and impurities, and then inject it into the desired locations of the same person. The extraction process is done by a device that can also count the amount of stem cells in the fat abstracted, which is re-injected into the desired locations (such as the face, breast, buttocks) using a very small needle in a certain way, under a local anesthetic. This method is considered as the latest method of injecting fat grafted with stem cells from the body of the patient for breast and buttocks augmentation, and also in case of filling the face or lifting its wrinkles, or to the hands to restore youth skin and freshness, and it is safe for enlargement, where there is no change in its size and the grease remains steady forever.
This method achieves more than one goal, body slimming, and face augmentation to bring back its freshness and vitality. Cosmetology using stem cell is not a simple and superficial choice, it treats the real problem, for example, in the elderly face, because it restores the vitality of muscle tissue as well as the bottom layer of the skin, and can also be used to refresh and rejuvenate the skin of the hands.
This technique is offered using stem cells extracted from fat (abdomen, and buttocks), where excess fat is extracted from these regions and then combined with stem cells and then implanted in the breast or buttocks, or in any place that needs to be compensated. It is noticed that in this method the size of the breast may grow up a little bit after the surgery; because stem cells increase the growth of arteries and veins, and help to keep grease, and not only that, it was also noticed that the tissues that were planted with fat combined with stem cells in breast or buttocks or face or in any area, have a little amount of grease which increases the freshness of the skin. Liposculpture So this astonishing advantage in breast surgery makes the transplanted tissue has the same softness as the rest of the breast tissue, and the remains for life time due to stem cells. In the past, surgeons find it difficult to provide new tissues planted within fats with blood, but the intensive combination of stem cells and fat will facilitate the growth of blood vessels to ensure the provision of blood required for the transplanted cells.
Is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure can be done without surgery or as complementary procedure with thread facelifts or with classic facelifts, and it is a cosmetic natural choice that has many positive aspects produce definitive and great results , does not involve any cracks and it does not need a scalpel or anesthesia.


If the operation is only injecting fat with stem cells and grease in the face, how the process is done?

  1. The face-lift using stem cell extracted from patient tissues is done by selecting grease because they contain a high proportion of stem cells, followed with the process of fat suction from the abdomen or buttocks of the patient.
  2. In the first phase of the stem cell facelift the fats that will be injected into the face are collected through a small tube and are kept to be injected later.
  3. Extract stem cells using a high-tech device for the device to enable the device to collect a good amount of stem cells.
  4. Mixing stem cells derived of fat named (micro cannula) and injecting them into the desired locations in the right way.



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