Face Lift

Facial rejuvenation and embellishment

Facial rejuvenation surgery at facelift Dubai and facelift Saudi provides excellent results and has considerable psychological impact. It provides a sense of "well-being" which is probably due to the fact that you at last feel comfortable with your appearance none the least since you feel like 'before'. In most cases one of a number of facelifting techniques will need to be combined with ancillary treatments such as lipostructure or laser skin resurfacing for example. Each case is treated on its merits.

Endoscopic incisions are hidden in the hairline and have never caused problems in my practice. The endoscopic technique is used in almost all cases of facelifts which address the forehead or the temples. The new remodeling lifting procedures result in a rested and healthy aspect due to facial features retrieving their youthful morphology. The cervico-facial lifting (face and neck) is often combined with a temporal lifting to correct the eye sadness, and is even sometimes combined with a rejuvenating rhinoplasty. Lips may also be refreshed at the same time.

Haematomas, bruises and ecchymosis are composed of small quantities of blood in the operated area. They tend to vary according to the intricacy of the operation and according to the skin type and thickness. Indeed eyes lids will rarely escape bruising. Rarely will the surgeon need to drain a haematoma in the hours following the operation.

The Importance Of Pre Operative Pictures

They highlight all the details of a face and show that all faces are asymmetric. The face is subject to a close examination before surgery in order to determine the technique that is the most suited to each case. No two faces are alike. Each requires a specific surgery. There is no standard surgery. The surgery is not "ready-made" but is tailored to the individual patient.

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