Mammary Hypertrophy

Voluminous Breasts

This term is used to designate oversized and heavy breast.Excessive breast size can cause back pain and interfere with the patient's daily activities or with the practice of a sport. In addition the patient may not find it beautiful. In young women, the psychological impact may be a decisive element when choosing this procedure. Generally this is associated with breast sagging.

The Pre Operative Consultation

The surgery can be performed in severe cases as early as seventeen. The surgeon will examine the patient to assess the importance of the hypertrophy and of the breast sagging, and diagnose a possible asymmetry. The patient will be informed about the following points during the consultation: surgery organisation, type of anaesthetic, post-operative care, accurate localization of future scars. All information provided is adapted to the individual patient since many criteria influence the procedure option and the choice of technique. Pre operative tests are required (blood test, electrocardiogram, mammography).

The Surgery

Pre operative drawings and measures will be used as references during the procedure. Several techniques are used to reduce breast size: most of the time the scar is in the shape of an upside down T. In other cases it is in the shape of an L or an I, sparing the internal part of the sub mammary line. The role of the plastic surgeon is to minimize the size of the scars but his goal is to obtain the best possible shape. So, the patient must not be obsessed by the size of the scars and neglect the shape of the breast. The procedure usually lasts from two to three hours and is done under general anaesthetic. The stay in hospital lasts from one to two days.

Post-Operative Care

The patient will experience moderate discomfort and will be able to resume to her daily activities within a few days. Wearing a bra day and night is recommended for at least one month. If non-resorbable stitches have been used, they must be removed in two or three weeks after surgery.