Breast Augmentation Surgery

Small Breasts

Surgery for breast augmentation has been performed since the beginning of the sixties.It is appropriate for those women with naturally small breasts and those who require reconstruction following surgery. The breasts' volume may be increased either by using an implant or by using one's own excess fat. The micro fat grafts are harvested without scars from the saddlebags, the internal parts of the knees or from the abdomen. The results are completely natural. Two operative sessions may sometimes be necessary to achieve the desired volume. The choice of technique depends solely upon the surgeon’s discretion. Breast augmentation can be combined with ptosis correction if the breast sags. In case of prostheses implantation, the procedure consists of placing a supple implant through a very small incision, which will push the mammary gland outward. Breast sensitivity and lactation are not affected.

The prostheses are available in various sizes depending on the degree of augmentation required. They are currently filled with silicon gel, which is also used in other surgical specialties and it has been proved to be without any problems. Silicone breast implants do not deflate. Capsular contraction rarely occur, only some of the cases. It consists of a scar retraction around the prosthesis, which makes it harder It can be corrected with massaging or minor revision surgery. Correcting Breast Ptosis There is absolutely no obligation to change the implants 10 years following the procedure. On the other hand you should visit your surgeon after this length of time in order to check that everything is normal. Another operation might have to be envisaged during the patient life span since both breasts and implants will age but only if there is a good reason to operate.

If a patient decides for saline filled implants,she should be aware that 50% of these implants will deflate and will have to be changed. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic or under light anaesthetic with sedation. The incision is either totally hidden in the axilla (arm pit) or can be peri-areolar or hidden in the sub mammary fold. The patient leaves hospital on the day after surgery without wearing a bra. The breast is often swollen and hyper sensitive for 10 days. At this stage they often seem too large. Their final shape and volume are apparent in two months. This surgery provides excellent aesthetic and psychological results.