Rhinoplasty dubai, rhinoplasty saudi


Personalized nose surgery

No two faces are alike and each rhinoplasty is tailored to the individual patient. This is fundamental as it is more a question of the evolution of the original nose than of a radical change.

The outcome of rhinoplasty surgery is dependent on a number of different factors including: the thickness of the bone and of cartilage, regularity of facial features, heredity, age, thickness and quality of the skin. The skin indeed plays a major role in the evolution of a rhinoplasty, since it will never be possible to obtain a very delicate nasal tip with a thick and oily skin. Each nose is made up of a set of different anatomical features which constrain the surgical possibilities. To improve its aspect, it is sometimes necessary to carry out changes to other features of the face, in order to create the best balance. For example, the chin is often reshaped in combination with the modification of the nose to create more elegant volumes or curves. The objective of rhinoplasty Dubai and rhinoplasty Saudi is to achieve a natural and balanced result.

Surgical Incisions

Generally, plastic surgery of the nose is performed with invisible incisions inside the nose. Occasionally, tiny external incisions are made at the base of the nostrils. Should they be necessary, the patient will be informed beforehand.


Usually a light anaesthetic is used since there is no need for the patient to be deep asleep. Most of the time, the surgery is performed under light general anaesthesia . Most patients have no recollection of the surgery; they simply feel as if they have been deeply asleep. Generally patients with the anaesthesits approval, go home the same day the surgery is performed.

Duration Of The Surgery

The duration of the surgery varies according to the modifications to be performed. A rhinoplasty will last between thirty and ninety minutes. A modification of the chin can last from fifteen to sixty minutes depending on the type of technique used.

Duration Of The Post Op Stay

If the surgery is performed on an out patient basis, it is necessary that the patient eats or drinks nothing before entering the clinic and he must bring the tests previously prescribed. In this case, it is recommended that a third party drives the patient back to his home at exit time around five p.m. If the patient prefers to stay in the clinic, he may enter on the day before the surgery is performed and exit on the following day.

Before & After

Rhinoplasty Procedure