Ashary Thread Lift

(Lunch time thread lift)

If you want to get rid of facial slouch and return several years back of your age (Ashary thread lift) without surgery, without scars, without side diseases, without entirely anesthesia and without pain. You can return to your work within one day only. Lift your face at lunchtime Hidden thread for facelift with Dr. Ibrahim Ashary way. This technique is used to anyone who has a medium sagging in facial skin combined with (PAL) and Crystal Peeling, or fat injections or laser or a simple lift. Or for those who do not want surgery because of their psychotic and medical conditions, or for those who do not have the plenty of time for surgery recovery period.

What is the difference between Dr. Ashary's method and other methods?

In 1996 Dr. Salmanidz from Russia invented (Aptos Thread) technique by inserting threads that remains years under the skin under local anesthesia. But, in this technique the thread is not fixed properly so it might move in the face and also the lifting effectiveness will disappear after few months which lead to undesirable results, and also frequent threads plantation in this method may lead to several pains and unnatural look (silhouette). Another doctor which is Dr. Eps has invented another method by putting cones in the thread to lift the face and skin in a better way. Although this method is stronger than (Aptos) method but you can feel the cones in your face as they take a long time to melt and also the doctor makes a 3 cm length slot an in the head and sewing thread in the head like it is a surgical procedure and also the threads do no dissolve.

First of all: In Dr. Ashary's facelift method he uses threads that melt after a while. There are no scars, no wounds, and no scalpel use and there is no entire anesthesia but on contrary the patient required to be conscious so that the doctor can make the proper natural lifting. The threads that Dr. Ashary put are less and he put them in different locations as it is noticed. Entry points are plotted normally in temples and the threads are inserted not under the skin directly but in the deep internal tissues, so that way the threads could not be seen like the previous methods and the face is lifted in a normal way after that.

Many women who had this surgery did not believe the quick results and also there was repletion without fat injection in the face, another advantage was the increase of face and skin youthfulness, also in case of thread loose relaxed we can add new thread or in case of dissatisfaction threads can be removed easily.

Side Effects

Simple swelling and bulge might occur with some women, and they are advised to use some ice, also some women may get bruises and the patient is advised not to use (Aspirin) for 10 days and the doctor gives medicine to remove these bruises There might be little pain in the temple area or some tension in this area when laughing or eating but it disappear during two or three weeks. These threads are safe and accredited by the European and American food organization and it lasts from two to three years.

This procedure can be integrated with facelift procedure with local anesthesia if the woman has a strong skin slouch, this is a new technology and the excess skin is removed to give more effective results, or can be integrated by fat and stem cells injecting to fill in the gaps in the face and bring back its youthfulness

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