The Forehead & Brow Lift

This type of surgery aims to rejuvenate the upper part of the face where wrinkles and skin loosening occur. This aging of the upper face affects the aspect and expression of the eyes, imparting a “sad” aspect. Sometimes even if the eyes are almond-shaped, the sagging of the eyebrows produces a tired aspect. As soon as the temples are tightened, the eyes instantaneously look “lit up”. This surgery is often appropriate in patients who believe they have a problem confined to the eyelids but in reality have a drooping of the brow.

The introduction of endoscopy revolutionised our approach to this region. No scarring is necessary since the procedure is made through tiny incisions (buttonholes) using a video and optic fibre system. It does not require large incisions on the scalp. The forehead vertical wrinkles located between the eyebrows can be efficiently treated by addressing their cause and releasing the small muscles located at the base of each eyebrow. These wrinkles will only be reduced with a frontal lift including a treatment of the muscles. The curve between the eyebrows and the nose is also an important feature for a youthful aspect. If the beginning of the nose is drooping, it appears squeezed up between the eyes. The frontal lift is the only solution to restore the youthful aspect of these curves. Very often an endoscopic lift will be combined with other procedures such as surgery of the lids, a rhinoplasty, or a cervicofacial lift.

The Surgery

The patient will be under light analgesia. This means the anaesthetist will administer medicines to make the patient sleepy. Meanwhile, the area to be treated will be anaesthetised with locally acting agents. The patient will be asleep and will feel nothing. There is no need to shave the hair. The surgery will be performed through four incisions, each about one centimetre, in the scalp. The surgeon observes the procedure on video screen as he is performing it. The muscles responsible for the wrinkles will be treated from the inside and the skin of the brow which is sagging will be put back in place. The result’s stability might sometimes be ensured by fixation material