Blepharoplasty dubai, blepharoplasty saudi


The blepharoplasty of the upper lids often assimilated to forehead rejuvenation should be distinguished from the blepharoplasty of the lower lids which is linked to the cheekbones. Thus the lids are not operated upon but the around the eye area, an essential element relating to the non-verbal communication is rejuvenated. The removal of the eyelids’ excess skin only leads to the ‘just operated upon’ aspect of the eye. Indeed, working on the fronto orbital area to retrieve its original aspect will re-open the eye and restore its charm. A blepharoplasty Dubai usually requires 1 to 3 hours to complete. Post-operatively, stable results of the blepharoplasty Saudi will become apparent after several months.

Upper Lids

With the passage of time the upper lids drop and redundant skin accentuated by the eyebrow’s natural curvature give the eye a permanent ‘tired’ aspect.

Lower Lids

With the passage of time the lower lids develop bugling fat pockets often more visible in the morning under a thin layer of wrinkled skin. It is not possible to just to, pull the skin to tighten it since the lids naturally go in that direction

The Anaesthetic

Surgery is either performed under light anaesthetic, or, exceptionally, general anaesthetic. The choice is determined by the extent of surgery and individual patient wishes.


The Surgery

Excess skin on the upper lid makes the use of make-up difficult and gives the eyes a sad _expression, which makes the patient’s look older. In order to remove excess skin, an incision of a few millimetres will be done in the lid crease. Afterwards it will barely be noticeable since the lid skin heals so well. A thin pink line may be noticed for a few weeks but can easily be camouflaged with make-up. Using this incision, excess skin is removed and the fat causing the swelling around the eye is reshaped. This requires meticulous care often necessitating the use of magnifying loops. Sometimes the patient can choose to have the external angle of the lid moved upwards to enhance the almond shape of the eye.

In the case of lower lids rejuvenation, the incision lies along the lower lash line. It rapidly becomes unnoticeable. Fat pads are removed and possible skin excess is eliminated by redraping the skin. The skin is never tightened; it is retailored so as to “fit” the shape of the face .