Plastic Surgery

Mainly divided into two sections:
  • Face
  • Your face is your most precious gift. Utmost respect of your personality will accompany your embellishing or rejuvenating procedure. A first consultation will establish your wishes.In certain cases, Botox injections or Hyaluronic acid could be indicated but in other situations, aesthetic surgery may be more useful.

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  • Body.
  • A variety of body procedures to cover all your needs with the latest techniques.

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Non Surgical

Non Surgical procedures change, restore, or enhance your appearance.

There are many reasons for wanting to change or enhance your looks. If you have had burns or other injuries, were born with a birth defect, or want to change parts of your body for other reasons, you may choose to have a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Here you can find different types of Non Surgical cosmetic procedures provided by Dr. Ashary.

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Laser technology is being used for an increasing number of cosmetic treatments.

Examples include hair reduction, skin resurfacing for wrinkle reduction and/or treatment of acne scars, removal of pigmented blemishes (e.g., age spots and moles), and treatment of vascular lesions (e.g., port wine stains and spider veins). Lasers are also used to remove tattoos.

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Male Services

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are similarities and differences between women and men.

One thing both women and men have in common is that they enjoy looking good and the confidence that comes with that. However, men have different wants and needs from plastic surgery, and procedures for men must be performed much differently than those for women, if you are a man considering your plastic surgery options have a look at what Dr. Ashary provide for you.

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Hair Transplantation

Nowdays Hairloss has become a common problem that both male and female are suffering from.

Hair transplantation is widely considered to be the most effective option for restoring hair because it's a permanent, relatively simple procedure, and it achieves a natural look.

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